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What I Do

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I provide training to doulas and birth workers to ensure they are competent and prepared to support pregnant and birthing people, before, during and after a caesarean birth.

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I work with pregnant people to help them prepare for an empowering and positive caesarean birth, regardless of whether this is planned or unplanned.

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I do all of this because I believe that everybody who gives birth, regardless of how it happens, deserves to feel empowered, positive and accomplished, as they start their journey in to parenthood.

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About Me

I am the founder of The Caesarean Birth Specialist and The Caesarean Birth Network.

Many years ago, I left a career in swimming teaching to return to university and qualify as a midwife. I graduated with a Bachelor of Midwifery, Distinction, and felt I could offer better support working as a doula.

After working as a doula and gaining even more experience and knowledge whilst supporting caesarean births, I realised that there is a real lack of education around the topic.

Now my passion lies with educating people about caesarean birth to help as many people as possible have a positive caesarean birth experience, should they need to give birth this way.

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Birth Workers

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