Caesarean Birth Ambassador Application Form

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Thank you for clicking through to apply to become a caesarean birth ambassador with me.

Before submitting your application, please be 100% sure that you are happy to share your journey on social media. I will never ask you to visually show anything that you are uncomfortable sharing but I do want a really honest and as in depth account as possible, at least from a verbal perspective.

The plan would be as follows:

Regular zoom chats that can be recorded and uploaded to social media (these will be seperate to any that I am providing in my scope as a doula – which will be kept private if preferred).

A journal or diary of your journey, either written or video. This would ideally be sharing your thoughts and feelings, as well as the physical experiences such as hospital appointments. We can discuss whether you would prefer to upload these to your own social media for me to then share, or if you would prefer to only share this content directly to my social media account.

On the day of the birth, you and your partner (and potentially me if I am supporting you in person) would take as many photographs and videos as possible of the whole day. You may need to discuss the option of videoing in theatre ahead of time with your obstetrician. Please also know that if you do not wish to show the face of your little one, we can ensure that all footage and images avoid doing this.

In the postnatal period, it would be ideal if you can continue the journal or diary up until 6 weeks after your birth. We can also arrange 1 or 2 zoom chats during this time if you’re feeling up to it.

Finally, whenever you feel up to it (after the first 6 weeks after birth), I would like to record one final zoom chat with you to discuss the whole process.

Throughout the process, your birth partner or any other family and friends can be as visible or hidden as you and they prefer. However, it would be great to be able to get a conversation with your birth partner at some point before and after, to discuss things from their perspective.

If you are happy with all of the above, please complete the form below and submit before 12 noon on 1st June 2021!

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