Caesarean Birth Planning Support Sessions

Creating a birth plan for a caesarean birth, is just as much about the process as it is the end result

What’s it all about?

By creating a birth plan, not only will you have something at the end of the process that outlines all of your wishes for your birth, but you will have fully prepared yourself on what options are available to you, should your plans change.

I would recommend that everybody creates a caesarean specific birth plan, regardless of whether they plan to birth this way or not.

I have heard all too often from people, that they felt like their power and control was taken away from them, from the moment the decision was made to have a caesarean birth.

This should not be the case!

Educating yourself on what options are available to you is the key to having a positive and empowering experience, whether a caesarean is planned or not.

Image shows an open notebook with a jar next to it, filled with peach coloured roses

What’s included

We will have two sessions together (either in person or by video call) where we will discuss your wishes, talk about what options are available and get your plan down in to an easy to read format.

If you aren’t having a planned caesarean, I can help with the rest of your birth plan too.

This service costs £250.

“Carolyn played such an important role in helping us prepare our birth plan and she went through our birth preferences with us over and over again and patiently helped us draft a few documents until we tailored the birth plan that was suitable for us.”

Marcela & Dimitris

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